Regional Arbitral Institutes Forum (RAIF) was founded in 2007.

The objectives of RAIF include:-

Fostering greater cooperation between regional arbitral institutes.

Fostering development of arbitration in the region.

Promoting awareness and education in arbitration.

Working towards uniform and best practices in arbitration and dispute
    resolution in the region.

Organising arbitration related conferences.

Promoting greater social interaction amongst members.

25th November 2016
The 10th Regional Arbitral Institutes Forum (RAIF) Conference will be held in Sydney. The RAIF conference 2016 will contribute a vital part to Sydney Arbitration Week 21st – 25th November.

The Conference Committee has developed a program that has a rich range of topics and presenters.

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Between 2004 and 2007, the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators entered into separate Memoranda of Co-operation with Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators, Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators, BANI Arbitration Centre and Arbitration Association of Brunei Darussalam to exchange and disseminate the information on arbitration and promote understanding and co-operation between their respective institutes. In 2007, arising from these Memoranda of Co-operation, Singapore Institute of Arbitrators hosted the Inaugural Arbitral Institutes Conference in Singapore. The intention was that the conference be a platform for the partner institutes to exchange and promote awareness of the arbitration laws and practices in each of the member institute’s country.

The success and large attendance of the inaugural conference, led the guest-of-honour, Judge of Appeal Justice V K Rajah to suggest in his keynote address that the conference be held annually, and that a permanent grouping of member institutes be formally formed.

The idea was well received. Following a meeting after the conference, members of the six arbitral institutes unanimously supported the formation of a regional arbitral body with the aim of serving the educational and social needs of the members of the arbitral institutes. The six founding members voted at the meeting to adopt the name “Regional Arbitral Institutes Forum” with the acronym “RAIF”. It was further agreed that RAIF would be would be non-political and non-governmental and its role would be committed to driving the social and educational needs of its member institutes.

Since then the Philippines Institute of Arbitrators has been admitted as the 7th member institute of RAIF and the Indonesian Arbitrators Institute has succeeded BANI Arbitration Centre as a Founding Institute of RAIF.